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Smart Strategies To Fix Your Malfunctioning iPhone 6 Compass: Avail Reliable iPhone 6 Compass Repair Services in Dubai

Apple's iPhone 6 includes a magnetometer sensor which is commonly known as the digital compass. It includes magnetic sensors for detecting terrestrial magnetism in the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, a sensor driving circuit, signal amplifier chain and an arithmetic circuit for processing the signal from each sensor. It helps you to tell the direction with the help of its built-in GPS and iOS’s Location Services. However, you might come across various issues while using compass service of your iPhone 6 handset. A problem in calibrating the compass or error in showing correct directions are the common and frequently occurring errors on iPhone 6 compass. You will require expert help to resolve these errors quickly and start using your iPhone 6 compass again. Our tech specialists at UAE Technician can offer you iPhone 6 Compass Repair service at an affordable price to remove all errors from the device. You can get in touch with them via call, mail or live chat to avail best possible solutions for all compass related issues.

Following are the issues of your iPhone 6 compass that might trouble you: Compass of your iPhone 6 model helps you navigate through the GPS service when you are traveling. It also helps you to play various games which require directional assistance. The appearance of errors in your iPhone 6 compass might put you in big trouble in determining directions, playing games and many more.

Frequent issues which might come up during the usage of iPhone 6 compass are discussed below.

  • Sensor defective
  • Compass won’t calibrate
  • Compass is static
  • Compass is frozen
  • Compass is showing wrong results
  • The needle is not rotating
  • The camera app is not showing any directions

    We have a team comprising of skilled experts who are trained to offer best-fitted solutions for fixing your malfunctioning iPhone 6 compass. By placing a single call or mailing to our UAE Technician team, you can have access our quality solutions and services within minimum time and at an affordable price. We have a proven record of attaining 100% success rate in solving iPhone 6 related errors with perfection.

    Choose us as your reliable iPhone 6 repair service provider for the reasons mentioned below:

    The experts at UAE Technician offer unmatched services with the help of unique skills. We also provide on-time pickup and delivery to all our customers and do not charge a single penny in case the problem is not resolved. Our engineers are certified and have a reputation for resolving numerous iPhone related issues ranging at various levels of complexity.

    Looking for iPhone 6 Compass Repair service in your budget? Connect with us by dialing 045864031

    Give us a call us at our toll-free helpline number by dialing 045864031 and share your issues with our experts to avail perfect solutions from them. You can drop a mail to our registered mail id stating your queries and avail the best assistance within the next 24 hours of your complaint. You can even talk to our experts via our live chat option and avail instant solutions.

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