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We all know refrigerators are essential appliances for preserving our foods in a safe condition. Even when there is a power outage, our foods remain fresh inside refrigerators. It occupies a prominent place in our kitchen to protect cooked foods from bacteria. Not only households, even offices, schools, colleges, and shops require refrigerators. 

Refrigerators have become so inevitable that it becomes very difficult to live a single day without it. Refrigerators become unusable when they suffer from problems like technical issues. Thus, it becomes a priority to repair your appliance at the earliest. Hence you need those technicians who will repair your refrigerator properly. Otherwise, you might encounter multiple issues if your refrigerator is repaired in the wrong way. If you are looking for refrigerator repair services in Dubai, UAE, then our technicians at UAE Technician can help you. 

Refrigerator Issues Covered by the Experts at UAE Technicians:

Repairing experts at UAE Technician deal with the following refrigerator issues:

1. Noisy Compressor
It is a widely encountered problem for almost all refrigerator users. The compressor in modern fridges remains silent by default and thus, it isn’t a good sign when weird noises come out from your refrigerator. After experiencing this issue, the first thing you can do is to check the source of this noise. A compressor is a device installed in refrigerators for handling internal gas and pressure. Hence, the noise might be associated with high pressure or something like that. 

Moreover, the compressor contains a fan that works on a processor to cool down the temperature inside refrigerators. In this way, the fan prevents overheating problems in refrigerators. Also, you will hear noises if the fan isn’t working correctly. 

If the noise is coming from the compressor, then the compressor is faulty. Thus, you will need to replace this bad compressor without a delay. If you are late in replacing the compressor, your refrigerator will be badly affected. So, you can connect with our fridge technicians for fixing a noisy compressor. 

2. Torn Gasket or Sealed Door
A torn gasket is a severe issue since the cold will leak out from the refrigerator. As a result, the refrigerator won’t be able to maintain the required temperature in order to preserve your foods. It will even put intense pressure on the compressor. Thus, it is important to repair the gasket as quickly as possible. Hence, you can connect with UAE Technician to repair a torn gasket in your refrigerator. 

3. Refrigerator Light Isn’t Working
Users often complain that the light on the water dispenser isn’t working inside their refrigerators. The refrigerator might require a new bulb to fix this issue. If the problem persists even after replacing the bulb, then one or more components inside socket terminals might be damaged. The terminals are damaged if they are bent or discolored. 

If the bulb is in good condition, then unplug the refrigerator and check the light socket. The bulb won’t illuminate if there are cracks inside the socket. When you open the refrigerator door, the door switch passes the voltage to light up the bulb. Hence, you will need to repair the door switch if it is faulty. Furthermore, the control plate might have wears and tears due to excessive use. Whatever may be the reason, experts at UAE Technician will get it fixed in no time. 

4. Refrigerator Isn’t Freezing
Since refrigerators are intended to protect food in cold temperatures, it won’t be useful if it can’t do that. First, ensure that the refrigerator is getting power and the light turns on when the door is opened. Then, check that the thermostat hasn’t been turned down. You will also need to ensure that the vents on the back of the freezer compartment aren’t blocked. Or else, the cold air won’t be able to circulate all around. Moreover, the refrigerator won’t cool if something gets stuck in the condenser fan. If this is the case, then you might attempt to clean the fan blades and spin the fan by hand. But, avail tech support if it’s necessary to replace the fan blades. 

If everything is correct, then the problem seems to be arising from a defective thermostat that controls the temperature of refrigerators. As a result, you won’t get cold water, milk, ice cream, and other foodstuffs. Besides thermostat, cooling problems can occur due to clogged coils inside your refrigerator.
5. Unable to Defrost the Refrigerator
The defrost thermostat sends senses to the defrost heater when the coils get cold enough. Then, the defrost heater turn on to melt the ice inside the refrigerator. Moreover, the defrost thermostat won’t be able to sense the temperature of coils if it is defective. As a result, the defrost heater won’t start the defrost cycle and melt the accumulated ice. 

Not only the defrost thermostat, but this problem can also occur due to a defective defrost heater. The defrost system also contains a defrost timer that controls the cooling and defrosts mode of the refrigerator. If the defrost timer is defective, it will stop at cooling mode and excessive frost will build upon the evaporator coils. It, in turn, reduces the airflow and the defrost system doesn’t work. 
The refrigerator won’t defrost the ice if any of these three components go faulty. 

6. Refrigerator Consuming Too Much Power
Refrigerators consume certain electricity on an average depending upon the brand you are using. But, it will be problematic if your refrigerator tends to consume excessive power. It indicates that something is wrong in one or more components of your refrigerator. You can even contact the manufacturer to fix the issue. But, the manufacturer would take time to solve the problem. If you want an immediate solution, then you can connect with us at UAE Technician. 

7. Compressor Not Working
The compressor is the most important element of refrigerators. The refrigerator will be useless if the compressor isn’t working correctly. When the compressor is faulty, some parts or the entire refrigerator won’t cool. This problem not necessarily means to be associated with the compressor. Thus, you should check the compressor and find whether it is overloaded or not. 

If you contact us, then our technicians will test the compressor motor to find the exact source of this issue. You won’t have to pay a lump sum amount if the compressor if faulty. We will replace the compressor within your budget only. 

Get in Touch with Experienced Technicians Today:
Our tech team at UAE Technician is round the clock available to communicate with our clients and listen to their problems. They are trained in dealing with the refrigerators of different brands. You can reach our experts and take their opinion before doing any repair work. We follow the ‘No Fix, No Pay’ principle according to which you won’t have to pay a penny if the problem isn’t sorted out. Moreover, we take the utmost care while repairing refrigerators in order to maintain its quality. Thus, your refrigerator will be in safe hands. You can even obtain repair and replacement services at reasonable rates from us. So, trust us and ring us today at our Customer Support Number 045864031. We assure you to reach you on the same day with a proper solution. 

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